CHTC Fecal Suction Truck

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Fecal Suction Truck is midsize, good power, diesel, aircondition, power steering. good climbing angle.
Fecal Suction Truck is used to collect, transport and discharge dirty water, sludge, septic, etc. such liquid stuff. It is suitable for cleaning the septic tank, cesspit, cesspool, gully, etc. It is widely used in environment and sanitation field.
Total mass(Kg):15800
Tank volume(m3):10.5m3
Rated load capacity(Kg):'8005,8070
Overall dimensions(mm):8280,8080,7780×2480×3250
Service Quality(Kg):7600
Number of riders in the cab(person):2,3
Approach/Departure angle(°):20/18
Shaft charge(Kg):5600/10200


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